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Living the ‘60s: A Conversation with Robert Hewison

Explore the 1960s through the eyes of Robert Hewison, who wrote one of the key books about that heady time - and lived through it himself!

The saying goes that if you remember the sixties, you weren’t there. Come and hear drama critic and cultural commentator, Robert Hewison, discuss his own first-hand experiences of the 1960s - from his time performing on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Michael Palin to his assignment covering the Wet Dream Film Festival in Amsterdam in 1970. As well as personal reflections, Robert will also reflect on the cultural upheavals of the sixties from a historian’s perspective (he is the author of a major book on the 1960s, Too Much: Art and Society in the Sixties 1960-75).

Date & time: 19th of Feb, 3-4.30
Audience: Open to all
Cost: Free
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Accessibility: No restrictions
Location: Meadows Lecture Theatre, William Robertson Wing

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