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Inspired roundhouses – inspiring roundhouses

Find out more about prehistoric roundhouses and then building your own!

roundhouse model

In prehistory, 3,500 to 2,000 years ago, people in the British Isles built and lived in roundhouses. Come along to this session and find out why and how archaeologists study the remains of these buildings. Then develop your own prehistoric roundhouse reconstruction. Or design your modern dream house, taking in some of the ideas that prehistoric people had on their dwellings.

The event falls into three sections: an introductory seminar to give you all the roundhouse background your need, followed by a day's time to develop your own roundhouse reconstruction or dream house. Draw in pen or on your computer, build 3D models, digital or physical, sketch, glue, shape, imagine... Then bring our ideas, models, drawings, etc. back to the group for a little roundhouse exhibition and if you want, tell the group what you built and why.

Who knows, the group might even want to award a prize for the most innovative design...!

(Please note: this event is split into two sessions, see dates and times below)

Date & time: 19th of Feb @ 10-11 AND 20th of Feb @ 3-5
Audience: Students and staff
Cost: Free
Booking information: Booking is now open! Please book through the link below.
Additional information:  
Accessibility: No restrictions
Location: Room G.13, William Robertson Wing

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