School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Topics and speakers

A list of confirmed topics/speakers as follows:

Topic Speaker
Legal Procedure in Athens M. Canevaro
Witnesses and evidence in Athenian courts J. Sickinger
Regulating the Economy: The Law of Property and Commercial Law at Athens E. M. Harris
Protecting the Community: Public Actions and Forms of Punishment in ancient Athens C. Pelloso
The Laws of Gortyn and their Cretan Context A. Maffi
The Laws of Ptolemaic Egypt U. Yiftach-Firanko
Constitutional law P. J. Rhodes
Documents and Archives in the Greek Poleis M. Faraguna
Law and Citizenship in the Greek Poleis R. Brock
Marriage and Inheritance in Athens and in the Greek world C. Vial
Law, Legitimacy and Religion in the Greek Poleis F. S. Naiden
Nomos and Nomisma: Laws about Coinage in the Greek Poleis S. Psoma
International Law A. Giovannini
Interstate Arbitration and Foreign Judges A. Magnetto
Slavery and Manumission D. M. Lewis
Plato and the Reform of Athenian Law  
Aristotle, the laws and the city L. Bertelli
Plato, the Stoics, and the Origins of the Theory of Natural Law A. Neschke-Hentschke
Greek Law under the Romans G. Kantor