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Black History Month - John Siblon

HCA John SIblon

After the First World War, there was a huge endeavour to commemorate all soldiers of the British empire by burying their bodies with dignity in cemeteries close to where they died. If nobody could be found, their names were inscribed on a Memorial to the Missing. Recent research has found that the bodies of African colonial troops were subject to a different policy than white British and Dominion ones when it came to official state commemoration. In this seminar, I will explore if Black lives mattered then and what can be learned about ‘race’, memory, and attitudes towards colonial peoples in the aftermath of the war.

John Siblon is Head of History at City & Islington College and a PhD Candidate at Birkbeck College studying the commemoration of African and Caribbean soldiers in the aftermath of the First World War. He has published many articles on Black British history and has campaigned for a more inclusive curriculum in schools and colleges. He was a contributor to the Royal Historical Society report on race, ethnicity and equality in higher education in 2018.


Dr Jacqueline Jenkinson, Senior Lecturer in History at University of Stirling, will give a 5-minute response to John’s paper beforethe question and answer session.

This event will be online, register at Eventbrite.

Oct 20 2020 -

Black History Month - John Siblon

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology will host John Siblon speaking on ‘"Disposable lives; ungrievable deaths": The commemoration of African colonial troops after the First World War' as part of Black History Month.