School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Contested pasts and public histories

Leading scholars will come together at the University of Edinburgh for a lively debate on the state of Irish public history.

Eamon de Valera speaking at Ennis Court House, Co Clare, c. 1917

Event description

Leading scholars from Ireland, England and Scotland will come together at the School of History, Classics and Archaeology on Wednesday, 12th February to consider the state of Irish public history.

Far from the preserve of the academy, historical debates occupy a central position in Irish cultural life and discussions of the past inevitably are intertwined with the present day. Events such as the Great Famine, the Irish Revolution of 1913-23 and the troubles in Northern Ireland provoke vigorous and often bitter debates. The intensity and passionate tone of these debates are remarkable, and one of the issues the panel will explore is why does history matter so much in Ireland?

Join us for what will be a lively debate.


Speakers include:

  • Dr Roisín Higgins (Teeside University)
  • Dr Ciarán O’Neill (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Dr John Regan (University of Dundee)

Event details

This event will take place on Wednesday 12th February at 17.00 in Room G.16, William Robertson Wing, Doorway 4, Medical School, Teviot Place.

Members of the public and the wider University community are welcome to attend. The event is free to attend, registration not required.

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