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Innovative Learning Week 2014

In ILW 2014, we are offering a wide range of event types to suit everyone, including trips, practical activities and workshops, film showings and many others.

This year ILW is between 17-21 February. Booking for events is now open.

Some events may be filmed or photographed, if you do not wish to be included please let the person filming or photographing know on the day.

Please note:
Some of our events are fully booked now, but there is a waiting list for the ones which are booked via MyEd!

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Innovative Learning Week 2013

A summary of what you missed in 2013.

What happened during Innovative Learning Week 2013

Adobe Illustrator for archaeologists

An introductory session in digitising drawings.

Adobe Photoshop for archaeologists

Correct and edit your photos!

Animals in Art Trip to Scottish National Gallery

Students will join Dr Cockram at the Scottish National Gallery to discuss animals, and their relationship to humans, in late medieval and early modern art, c. 1300 - c. 1800.

ArchSoc Rome Trip

A student-led trip to Rome! We are sorry but this event is now sold out!

Archive Detectives

Become an archive detective and discover the secrets of your ancestors!

Building Iron Age Roundhouses

Ever wondered how Iron Age people in Scotland built their houses, and why? Find out in a workshop by building your own model of a roundhouse.

Caves, Castles and Harbours Trip

From Pictish cave paintings and crumbling seaside castles, to quaint fishing harbours and historic boats, this trip provides an up-close look at the maritime archaeology of the Fife coast.

Databases for Historians

This session will provide a basic introduction to databases and their use in historical research.

Dionysia: Battle of the Theatre Societies

The University’s theatrical societies will present classical plays in their own unique style, vying for the glory of the winner's wreath.

Exploring Euripides’ Medea

Author, dramatist, translator and theatre-director David Stuttard will lead two events based on his new stage translation of Euripides’ Medea (to be toured later this year by Actors of Dionysus).

Hadrian’s Wall Fieldtrip

Guided tour to some of the highlights of Hadrian’s Wall - Rome’s (second) most northerly frontier!

Hillfort Atlas of Britain and Ireland

Despite being amongst the most imposing and visible monuments of the countryside, including at least six within the bounds of Edinburgh, there is no single source of data to inform the analysis and interpretation of hillforts in Britain.

Kung Fu History: Film Showing

Martial arts films are perhaps not a source of historical information often considered by historians. And yet, the historical narratives presented by martial arts films reach audiences of a size that few historians will ever reach.

Liberators Take Liberties: The Red Army, German Women, and the End of the Second World War

Watch the documentary ‘Liberators Take Liberties’, which is a pioneering analysis of the violence towards civilians in general and women in particular that ensued upon the Red Army’s entry into Germany at the end of World War II.

Make Your Own Pots

Pots, pots, pots - they’re everywhere in the archaeological record. But how were they made? If you’ve ever fancied yourself a potter then this is the event for you.