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Seminar in Economic and Social History

A series of occasional seminars will be held, usually in Room G.12, William Robertson Wing, at 5pm on Wednesdays, unless otherwise stated.

Discussion will continue after the seminars with a glass of wine. All are welcome.

Semester 2, spring 2014
Date Topic Speaker Notes
15 January Sikhs, sex and the state: British historical imagination and the family of Ranjit Singh c. 1800-1850 Margot Finn (University College London) Room G.16
12 February TBC Craig Muldrew (University of Cambridge)  
12 March Sovereign independence and financial markets: a study of Irish land bonds, 1891-1938 Eoin McLaughlin (University of Edinburgh)  
Semester 1, autumn 2013
Date Topic Speaker Notes
Tuesday 15 October Can women count? Gender and numeracy in 19th-century Ireland’ Matthias Blum (Technical University of Munich and Visiting Fellow Edinburgh) Room G.11
30 October I invest, you speculate, they gamble? James Bridges, the first Duke of Chandos during the South Sea Bubble Koji Yamamoto (King’s College, London)  
13 November Creating a proper system of publishing: the trials and tribulations of industrial print technologies in mid-19th-century Edinburgh Aileen Fyfe (University of St Andrews)  
27 November The land without pop: Popular music in 20th century Germany Klaus Nathaus (University of Edinburgh)  

Previous events

2012-2013 Spring Seminars
Date Description
30 January Paul Sharp (University of Southern Denmark) ‘North and south: social mobility and welfare spending in pre-industrial England’
13 March Philip Morgan (Johns Hopkins University and Edinburgh) ‘The Caribbean environment in the early modern era’
2012-2013 Autumn Seminars
Date Description
17 October Dan Bogart (University of California, Irvine) ‘On the doorstep: the politics of access in the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution’
7 November Barry Doyle (University of Huddersfield) ‘Reassessing the city as a healthy space: urban England between the wars’
28 November Bill Luckin (University of Bolton) ‘Town, country and “planet” in nineteenth century Britain’
2011-2012 Seminars
Date Description
11 October Bernard Capp (University of Warwick) ‘The travails of Agnes Beaumont: faith and family in early modern England’ (Joint meeting with the Gender History Network) Room 1.9, Doorway 6, Teviot Place
26 October Jeremy Boulton (University of Newcastle) ‘Saving the poor worms from starving? Traffic in corpses, interment, burial fees and vital registration in Georgian London’ Room G.13, Doorway 4, Teviot Place
23 November Giorgio Riello (University of Warwick) ‘When Europe met Asia: fashioning textiles in the early modern world’ Room G.13, Doorway 4, Teviot Place

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