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Greek tears and laughter: Antiquity and after

Tears and laughter, music and poetry… Professor Margaret Alexiou, our new Visiting A G Leventis Professor, looks set to reveal the richness of emotion in Greek music and literature.

Three events are planned for this semester.

Lecture recital, 7 October

Professor Alexiou will give a lecture recital on ‘The Sweetness of Tears in Greek and Scottish Music’ for the Scottish Hellenic Society, 6pm, Monday 7 October 2013.

The event will take place in St Andrew’s and St George’s Church, George Street, Edinburgh.

There will be live performances by Lucy Macrae and Katherine Campbell, from Emma Ray Stewart's volumes of ‘Highland Songs’ of 1853.

Inaugural lecture, 15 October

Professor Alexiou will give her formal inaugural lecture, 5.15pm, Tuesday 15 October 2013, Seminar rooms 1 and 2, Chrystal Macmillan Building, William Robertson Wing, Teviot Place, Edinburgh.

The topic: ‘Of Longings, Loves and Language: Body and soul in poems and letters by ‘Theodore Prodromos’ in the 12th century’.

Leventis Conference, 7-10 November

The A G Leventis Conference 2013 will explore the theme: 'Greek Laughter and Tears: Antiquity and After'.

This biennial conference is being organised this year by Professor Alexiou in her role as Visiting Professor.

It will take place 7-10 November 2013, at the John McIntyre Conference Centre, University of Edinburgh.

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