School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Scotland’s History Festival 2013

Staff and students will join an impressive array of scholars, authors, poets, politicians, musicians and journalists, 13-30 November 2013, to “tell history like you’ve never heard it before”.

‘Previously…’ (Scotland’s History Festival) has announced its most ambitious programme to date, with members of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology contributing through talks, a conference, workshop, panel debate and the research behind a unique and moving theatre performance.

The University of Edinburgh is sponsoring the 15-day event.

Where do we feature?

There are a number of events University-wide, but look out for the following History, Classics and Archaeology highlights on the ‘Previously…’ website (link below).

They all take place in Edinburgh.

  • Schools History Conference, ‘Women the Great War and the Vote’, 10am-1pm, 15 November (Dr Louise Jackson, Dr Wendy Ugolini, Dr Esther Breitenbach, Professor Ewen Cameron, Yvonne McEwen et al)
  • ‘Gavin Douglas, Makar and Translatour’, 2-5pm, 15 November (Dr Jenny Wormald)
  • ‘Uncovering Scotland’s Secret History’, 2-4pm, 16 November (Professor Bob Morris, Professor Richard Rodger et al)
  • ‘The sermon on the Mound – Thatcher’s years in Scotland’, 8-9.30pm, 22 November (Professor Ewen Cameron)
  • ‘We had a story, we had a life’, 1-2.30pm, 23 November, Impact Arts in partnership with postgraduates from our School
  • 'The Private and Public Lives of Scottish Women', 3pm, 23 November (Dr Esther Breitenbach, Dr Linda Fleming, Dr Lesley Orr et al)
  • ‘The Devine Interrogation’, 5.30-7pm, 28 November (Professor Tom Devine)
  • ‘A Scots History of Britishness with Richard Holloway’, 7.30-9.15pm, 28 November (Dr Matthew Dziennik, Dr Alex Murdoch et al)
  • St Andrews Day event, ‘It wisnae us!’, 6-7.30pm, 30 November (Professor Tom Devine et al).

“History deserves a seat at every table”. Susan Morrison, Scotland’s History Festival Director and Ian Harrower, Festival Producer