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Gender History Seminars

Unless otherwise specified, seminars take place 5-6.30pm on selected Wednesdays in seminar room G.13, William Robertson Wing, Medical School, Doorway 4, Teviot Place.

External speakers are sponsored by the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh.

The seminar organisers are Esther Breitenbach, Louise Jackson, Iida Saarinen, Louise Settle and Alva Traebert.

Semester 2, Spring 2014
Date Topic Speaker Notes
Wed 12 Feb Transnational female networks as revealed in the papers of Eva Dykes Spicer, missionary educator at Ginling College, China, 1923 - 1950 Rosemary Seton (University of London)  
Thurs 6 March ‘Cherchez la femme’: seeking women's voices in the long 19th century Esther Breitenbach (University of Edinburgh) 6-7.30pm: in conjunction with the Scottish History seminar
Wed 12 March Investigating Gender in the Italian Iron Age Ruth Whitehouse (UCL) Venue: G.16 not G.13
Wed 26 March ‘Another Generation of Jail-Birds’: 19th-century Irish Female Convicts Elaine Farrell (Queen’s University Belfast) in conjunction with Modern Irish History seminar
*Wed 30 April Cowardice and Medieval Constructions of Masculinity / From Seminarian to Priest: Asserting and Performing Clerical Masculinity in the 19th Century Bill Aird (University of Edinburgh), Iida Saarinen (University of Edinburgh) Venue: Sydney Smith Lecture theatre, Doorway 1, Teviot Place. Work in progress seminar on ‘Masculinities’
Wed 14 May 'Histories of Male To Female Trans Medical Treatment: Collaboration, Negotiation and Experimentation' Lauren Fried (Victoria and Albert Museum) Venue: Sydney Smith Lecture theatre, Doorway 1, Teviot Place.
Semester 1, Autumn 2013
Date Topic Speaker Notes
Wed 11 Sept Money Matters: Female Economic Authority and Agency in Didactic and Literary Texts by English Women Writers, c. 1815-1835 Joanna Rostek (Passau University and IASH)  
Wed 18 Sept Irregular Marriage in Scotland: Official Attitudes and Popular Practice Eleanor Gordon (University of Glasgow)  
Wed 23 Oct   Leanne Dawson (University of Edinburgh)  
    Erla Hallsdorsdottir (Centre for Research in the Humanities, University of Iceland, and Visiting Scholar, University of Edinburgh)  
Mon 25 Nov The Continuous Thread of Revelation': Chrono-normativity and the Challenge of Queer Oral History Amy Tooth Murphy (University of East London) Venue: G.14 not G.13

* Work in Progress Seminar


Dr Louise Jackson


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