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First Millennia Group meetings

Full 2013-14 programme - coming soon!

Unless otherwise stated, meetings will be held on Tuesdays at 5.30pm in the Meadows Lecture Theatre, School of History, Classics and Archaeology)

Semester 1-2, 2013-2014
Date Topic Speaker(s) Notes
1 Oct 2013 Towards an inclusive narrative: Roman material in the Later Irish Iron Age Jacqueline Cahill Wilson (Discovery Programme)  
5 Nov 2013 Drink, Drink, Drink Jody Joy (British Museum) – cauldrons, Johnny Horn (Edinburgh University) – tankards  
3 Dec 2013 Reconsidering the human colonisation of the Faroe Islands Mike Church (Durham University)  
14 Jan 2014 Atlas of Hillforts Project Ian Ralston et al  
4 Feb 2014 Turf architecture in the North Atlantic region in the 1st millennium AD: construction methods, archaeological analyses and interpretation Karen Milek (Aberdeen University)  
*11 March 2014 A Pictish phantasmagoria. (Joint meeting in Glasgow with the Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies) Martin Cook (AOC) – recent work on Pictish barrows, Gordon Noble (Aberdeen University) – an update on Rhynie Venue: Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies at 3 University Gardens, Glasgow
1 April 2014 When is a crannog not a crannog? Excavations at the Black Loch of Myrton, Wigtonshire: Scotland’s first loch village Anne Crone and Graeme Cavers (AOC) Venue: Lecture Theatre 5, Appleton Tower
6 May 2014 Broxmouth and other hillforts Niall Sharples (Cardiff University)  
24 June 2014 DAY SEMINAR:Reconsidering the Archaeology of the Early Church   09.00 - 18.00 Meadows Lecture Theatre

Previous events

FMS Events in 12/13
Date Title and speaker
2nd Oct. Tessa Poller Excavations -SERF hillfort programme: an interim view.
Heather James -Castle Craig excavations: fort, broch and palisaded enclosure
6th Nov.

Roman round-up

Martin Cook: Camelon
Geoff Bailey: Antonine Wall
Dave Cowley: SW Scotland
Paul Masser: Doune

4th Dec. Graeme Cavers, Andy Heald and John Barber: First Millennia Settlement Landscapes: recent investigations in Caithness
8th Jan.

Alice Blackwell & Martin Goldberg: Early Medieval silver (TBC)

5th Feb.

Unit round up

Jennifer Proctor: Needles Eye enclosure, Berwick;
Ross Murray: North Kessock Rob Engl: Beechwood

5th Mar. Elizabeth Schech & Martina Bertini - Glass Beads
2nd Apr.

Early Medieval round up

Ronan Toolis & Chris Bowles: The Galloway Picts Project: the excavation of Trusty's Hill
Dave Sneddon: Glenshee excavations
Gordon Noble: Rhynie

7th May. David Clarke -The contexts of sculptured stones
11th Jun.

Day Seminar
Meadows Theatre (TBC)
Topic & Title to be confirmed

FMS Events in 11/12
Date Title and speaker
4th Oct. Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
1st Nov.  
6th Dec. BOYD ORR, GLASGOW. Euan MacKie – Atlantic Iron Age pottery c.700 BC – AD 500: a brief overview. Iron Age Atlantic Scotland AND Orlene McIlfatrick – Looks aren’t everything: pottery manufacturing technology in Iron Age Atlantic Scotland
10th Jan. Kate Anderson – The weapons and warfare of northern Britain
7th Feb. Tanja Romankiewicz – Land, stone, trees, identity, ambition – what does it take to build a broch?
6th Mar. Martin Carver – Pitcarmick in context
3rd Apr. Dawn Gooney – Human Remains from the Knowe of Skea, Westray in the Orkney Islands
1st May. AOC/CFA – Recent work at Inveresk
5th Jun. Day seminar - details to be announced

Further information

Seminar organisers: Dave Cowley, Fraser Hunter & Rod McCullagh