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Archaeology seminars 2013

Archaeology seminars organised by postgraduate students provide an opportunity for discussion of current research developments on a range of archaeological themes from diverse chronological and geographical areas.

All welcome.

Unless otherwise specified, seminars will take place on Thursdays, at 5pm, in Teviot Lecture Theatre, School of History, Classics and Archaeology.

Sessions will normally be followed by an informal gathering in a local pub.

Seminar 2, Spring 2014
Date Topic Speaker
16 Jan Urbanization, Trade and Growing Social Complexity on the Lebanese Coast in the Bronze Age: New Results from Tell Fadous-Kfarabida Hermann Genz (American University of Beirut)
23 Jan Roman marble ash monuments and grave altars: typology, provenance and context Fiona Mowat (University of Edinburgh)
30 Jan Reconstructing Mesolithic Burials: examining the changes of mortuary practices in Europe Anna Evatt (University of Edinburgh)
13 Feb Fragmenting bodies, constructing traditions: a study on Dutch cremation burials Simone Lemmers (University of Durham)
27 Feb Cyclades in the Roman Empire: Trade, Tourism & Exile Rebecca Sweetman (University of St.Andrews)
6 Mar Ferrous Archaeometallurgy in Iron Age Britain and the Near Continent Scott Stetkiewicz (University of Edinburgh)
13 Mar Roman roads between the Walls Graeme Erskine (University of Edinburgh)
27 Mar Nothing to do with Odysseus: the archaeology of the central ionian islands Cathy Morgan (British School of Athens)
Semester 1, Autumn 2013
Date Topic Speaker Notes
26 Sept Wood, clay and stone: defining the architecture of domestic structures in Etruria, 800-500 BC Paul Miller (University of Edinburgh)  
3 Oct Elite burials in Roman period Georgia Manana Odisheli (Centre for Archaeological Studies of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi)  
10 Oct Church building in Eastern Illyricum and the celebration of the Liturgy (Fourth-Eighth Centuries) Ioannis Varalis (University of Volos)  
Friday 18 Oct Later prehistoric forts of western Scotland Simon Wood (University of Edinburgh) Seminar Room 1/2, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Friday 25 Oct Of pots and men: Ceramics and social identity in the 3rd Millennium of Northern Scotland Owain Mason (University of Edinburgh) Seminar Room 1/2, Chrystal Macmillan Building
7 Nov The exhibition that never came: Syria at the Royal Academy 2013 Warwick Ball  
14 Nov Early Christian funerary practice Gabriela Ingle (University of Edinburgh)  
21 Nov Paperless Archaeology Luke Aspland  


For questions/info please contact this year’s organisers:

Annamaria Diana

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Emanuele Intagliata

PhD Candidate in Archaeology

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