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2023 Leventis Conference - 'The fabric of Hellenism'

'The fabric of Hellenism. Hellenic culture and civic identity in the Imperial Greek world'

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How did the diverse activities and attributes perceived as Hellenic contribute to cities’ construction of a Hellenic identity in the period 31BC – 260s AD? How insistently does a Greek city present itself as Hellenic? How is a city’s claims to a Hellenic identity reflected in literary texts? What was the relative importance of (a) a memorable political past (b) the claim to have been the origin of major literary figures in the archaic and classical periods (c) the claim to a long-standing cult or cults which had achieved Panhellenic recognition (d) the claim to be a centre of (contemporary) rhetorical or philosophical education (e) the claim to other contemporary literary figures of note (f) the claim to be the location of major agonistic festivals(s) (g) the claim to a grand and beautiful urban landscape. 

Invited External Chairs/respondents:

Paul Cartledge (Cambridge), Benjamin Gray (Birkbeck), Andrew Morrison (Glasgow), Catherine Steel (Glasgow), Simon Swain (Warwick).

 Programme and abstracts

Professor Ewen Bowie

The thirteenth Leventis Professor is Professor Ewen Bowie (Corpus Christi College, Oxford).


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2023 Leventis Conference - 'The fabric of Hellenism'

This year’s A. G. Leventis Conference, held under the auspices of the A. G. Leventis Visiting Professorship in Greek, and forming part of Edinburgh’s biennial series of international conferences on Hellenic studies, will take place 16-19 November, 2023.

John McIntyre Conference Centre, The University of Edinburgh, Holyrood Park Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AY