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2021 Lecture in the History of Slavery: Professor Ana Lucia Araujo

‘Slavery in the age of memory: Britain, France and the United States’

This event has now passed but you can watch a recording below:


In this lecture, Professor Ana Lucia Araujo draws from her newest book 'Slavery in the age of memory: Engaging the past' to discuss the ways slavery and the Atlantic slave trade have been remembered and memorialized by individuals, social groups, and societies between the middle of the nineteenth century until the present.  Exploring several case studies from Britain, France, and the United States, she reviews the concepts of history, collective memory, cultural memory, public memory, official memory, and public history. She shows how these various modes of engagement with the past relate to slavery and the Atlantic slave trade in both analogous and differing ways and how sometimes they are also intertwined. Araujo emphasizes that current debates about slavery are more than simple attempts to come to terms with the past but are rather associated with persistent racism and racial inequalities which prevail in former slave societies or countries where slavery existed. Overall, the lecture illuminates how and why, over the last five decades, the debates about slavery have increasingly become so relevant in the societies where slavery existed and participated in the Atlantic slave trade.

This lecture is free and open to all. Part a series of events organised by the Edinburgh Centre for Global History

Professor Ana Lucia Araujo

Professor of History at Howard University, is the leading historian of the African Atlantic reparations movements. Her books include Slavery in the Age of Memory: Engaging with the Past (2020), Reparations for Slavery and the Slave Trade: A Transnational and Comparative History (2017), Shadows of the Slave Past: Memory, Heritage and Slavery (2014), and Politics of Memory: Making Slavery Visible in the Public Space (2012).

Apr 21 2021 -

2021 Lecture in the History of Slavery: Professor Ana Lucia Araujo

The 2021 Lecture in the History of Slavery was delivered by Professor Ana-Lucia Araujo, Howard University.