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Women's History Scotland Conference

The Women's History Scotland Conference 'Gender Transgressions - Historical perspectives' will explore the idea of transgressing gender norms (including those relating to masculinity and femininity) and the consequences of this for individuals or groups. 

We understand ‘gender transgression’ to refer to sets of ideas and practices that encompass (but are not restricted to) the following areas:

  • Legal, moral, ethical and religious frameworks
  • Wrongdoing, reformation and reconciliation
  • Borders and boundary crossing
  • Resistance and rebellion
  • Medicine, science, sexuality and the body
  • Identity, relationships and the family

How have ideas about what is transgressive shifted and changed across time? How have these ideas been constructed, challenged, performed and/or enacted? How have responses to ‘transgression’ been forged by actors that include the community, the state, religious and voluntary organisations? With what effects?  How have ideas relating to masculinity and femininity intersected with other categories or experiences such as those of ‘race’, ethnicity, class and age?



The pre-conference Friday afternoon programme features the Sue Innes Memorial Lecture (to be given this year by Professor Eleanor Gordon) as well as presentations on the New Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women. These (and a reception) are sponsored by WHS and are also open to a larger public audience. (Please do not book for these separately since they are included in your full conference registration).

Women’s History Scotland promotes study and research in women’s and gender history in Scotland.  For more information and updates see or follow on Twitter (@WomensHistScot). This conference is supported by the School of History, Classics & Archaeology, University of Edinburgh.

Women's History Scotland Conference

The Women's History Scotland Conference takes place on 16 November, 2019.

Martin Hall, Mound Place, Edinburgh EH1 2LX