School of History, Classics & Archaeology

History, Medievalism and the Games Industry

Keynote Talk

Ian Livingston CBE (founder of Games Workshop)

'The Power of Play'

Other speakers include:

  • James Holloway (Game Designer): 'The Role of History in the Design of Role Playing Games: the Case of Call of Cthulhu'
  • Robert Houghton (University of Winchester): 'Facts and Fabrications: Bending History When Building Crusader Kings II'
  • Adam Chapman (University of Gothenborg): 'Playing now and then - The Play element of Historical Cultures and Videogames as History'
  • Thomas Lecaque (Grand View University): 'All hail the Stormcloaks, the true sons and daughters of Skyrim": White Nationalism in Neo-Medieval Tropes’
  • Nick Webber (Birmingham City University): 'Medieval Thinking in a Hypercapitalist Future: Player Culture in EVE Online'
  • Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow): 'How Games Fantasise History'
  • William Huber (University of Abertay): 'Necessity and contingency: the paradoxes of contrafactual history'

Free but ticketed.

Mar 29 2019 -

History, Medievalism and the Games Industry

This public workshop will explore the role that history and historians can play in the design of games.

e-Science Centre, University of Edinburgh, 13-15 College Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AA