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Dr Talat Ahmed - India After the Elections

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A Year of Controversy

In 2018, elections across Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka produced surprising results. Populism is on the rise in India too, as voters reject traditional parties as corrupt. In light of recent general election results and the inheritance of Modi’s policies, which for many represent the broad stroke reversal of democratic change, what are the wider implications for the world’s largest democracy? This panel brings together writers Meena Kandasamy, Nitasha Kaul and Talat Ahmed to reflect on how these controversial developments play out on the wider stage of South Asia.

Tickets are £12.00, £10.00, available from the EIBF website link.

Sponsored by the University of Edinburgh, supported by the Centre for South Asian Studies.

Aug 26 2019 -

Dr Talat Ahmed - India After the Elections

Join Dr Talat Ahmed with Meena Kandasamy and Nitasha Kaul as they discuss recent political developments in South Asia at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Garden Theatre, Charlotte Square Gardens, Edinburgh EH2 4DR