School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Conflict Archaeology Research Group Seminar

Organisers: Manuel Fernández-Götz & Linda Fibiger




3.30-3.40pm Manuel Fernández-Götz & Linda Fibiger

“Introduction to the Research Group”


3.40-3.50pm Xavier Rubio-Campillo

“Computational Approaches to Landscapes of Conflict”


3.50-4pm Linda Fibiger

“The Human Cost of Conflict: Bioarchaeological Insights”


4-4.10pm Manuel Fernández-Götz

“Archaeology of Imperial Expansion: Rewriting the Roman Conquest”


4.10-4.25pm Questions and discussion on papers


4.25-4.35pm Angela Boyle

“Cowboys and Indians? Violence in Early Medieval Southeast Scotland, AD 400-800”


4.35-4.45pm Stephen Bowd

“Civilian Massacres and Burial Practices in Renaissance Italy”


4.45-4.55pm Stephen McDowall

“An Archaeology of Conflict Photography in Semi-Colonial China, c. 1860-1927”


4.55-5.10pm Questions and discussion on papers


5.10-5.30pm Discussion about research group & future activities


Drinks reception

Conflict Archaeology Seminar
Dec 09 2019 -

Conflict Archaeology Research Group Seminar

Introducing New Research on the Materialities of Conflict

Meadows Lecture Theatre - G.07, Medical School, Teviot