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Events from 2017.

Brexit and the Irish Border: Panel Discussion

The Irish History Group will host a panel discussion on Brexit and its impact on the Irish Border. (Published 13 November, 2017)

Cambridge History of Later Latin Literature: Workshop

A workshop will be held as part of the Cambridge History of Later Latin Literature project on 8 December. (Published 31 October, 2017)

Conference - Theorizing contacts in the Roman Empire

This conference aims to assess the validity and scope of 'Romanization' with a particular focus on multilingualism and multiculturalism. (Published 30 May 2017)

Postgraduate online information sessions

Find out about postgraduate study in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology by joining academics and members of our Graduate School Office for a series of live online information sessions on Tuesday 5 December 2017. (Published 9 Nov, 2017)

Grand Challenge Agendas in Environmental Archaeology Conference 2017

The Association for Environmental Archaeology Conference 2017 seeks to explore the grand challenge agendas for environmental archaeology that confront its methods, approaches, contributions and relevance. (Published 24 October, 2017)

Charles Gordon Mackay Lectures 2017

Professor Paschalis Kitromilides (Athens), Charles Gordon Mackay Lecturer in Greek 2017, will present a series of talks on 'Aspects of the later Greek intellectual tradition'. (Published 17 October, 2017)


The Old Medical School, Teviot Place
The Seventh Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient World invites both postgraduate students and early-career researchers from all disciplines to present their research to the growing community of classical reception scholars on 23-24 November, 2017 .

Munro Lecture: Shot and shell tell the tale

The Munro Lecture 'Shot and shell tell the tale: Battlefield and conflict archaeology as aids to understand the past and assist in modern forensic investigations' will be delivered on 23 November by Professor Douglas Scott. The event is free to attend and non-ticketed. (Published 26 October, 2017)

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology is pleased to announce the introduction of an annual, student-led theme in Social Responsibility and Sustainability. (Published 8 November, 2017)

New approaches to late prehistoric and Roman Iberia: Workshop

This workshop aims to bring together young scholars working on the archaeology of Iberia from the Bronze Age to the early Roman period. Among the main topics to be discussed are intercultural encounters, models of social organisation, and the impact of Rome on territorial and economic organisation. (Published 2 October, 2017)

Early El Greco from Candia to Venice and Rome

Professor Maria Constantoudaki-Kitromilides's lecture is supported by the A. G. Leventis Foundation and jointly sponsored by the Department of Classics and the Scottish Hellenic Society of Edinburgh. (Published 26 October, 2017)

Building the Scottish Diaspora: International symposium

This symposium will consider the nature of Scotland’s contribution to this environment, and ask how we might understand it in a geographically continuous and expansive capacity. (Published 3 November, 2017)

Postgraduate Open Day

Are you considering postgraduate study in History, Classics or Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh? Our Open Day on 15 November is the perfect opportunity to find out more! (Published 16 October, 2017)

A.G. Leventis Conference 2017

The next Leventis Conference - 'Images at the cross-roads: Meanings, media, methods' - will take place in Edinburgh, 9-12 November, 2017. (Published 8 March, 2017)

“A phenomenon that defied prevision"

Dr David Kaufman of the Political History research group will deliver the lecture '“A phenomenon that defied prevision": Bolsheviks and Bolshevism in the British 'official mind'1917-1918'. (Published 27 October, 2017)

The Enlightenment and the Orthodox World

Professor Paschalis Kitromilides's lecture is supported by the A. G. Leventis Foundation and jointly sponsored by the Department of Classics and the Scottish Hellenic Society of Edinburgh. (Published 26 October, 2017)

Canada 150 Lecture: Scottish Impact on 19th Century Canada

Canoe on a lake in Canada
Professor Sir Tom Devine will deliver the Canada 150 Lecture, 'The Scottish Impact on 19th Century Canada: an Interpretation', marking 150 years of Canadian Confederation. (Published 24 October, 2017)

Studying abroad - Invitation to an information session

Are you a second year student looking for a change of scenery and a different study experience? Thinking about studying abroad in your third year? Come along to this information session to find out more. (Published 17 October, 2017)

Doctoral Study in HCA?

Tutor and student in an office
If you are a current MSc student who is considering a PhD join us for a briefing lunch on doctoral study on Tuesday 24 October. (Published 16 October, 2017)

Federalism in antiquity and today: a continuing story?

This conference aims to explore possible links between federal states in antiquity and today. (Published 3 July, 2017)

A.G. Leventis - Inaugural lecture

The inaugural lecture of Professor François Lissarrague as Leventis Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh. (Published 5 June 2017)

Emotions Through Time: from Antiquity to Byzantium

Emotions through Time: From Antiquity to Byzantium (ETT) is an international and interdisciplinary research network which examines the interactions between ancient and Byzantine emotion. This three-day conference takes place in Nicosia, Cyprus. (Published 21 August, 2017)

Byzantium Compared: First International Graduate Conference in Byzantine Studies

The University of Edinburgh’s Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Research Group is delighted to welcome applications for participation in its inaugural graduate conference in Byzantine Studies, to be held in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology. (Published 18 September, 2017)

Call for abstracts: The communities and margins of early modern Scotland

'The communities and margins of early modern Scotland is a two-day international conference which will be held at St Mungo’s Museum, Glasgow, 20-21 October 2017. Abstracts should be submitted by Friday 28 July 2017.

Writing the troubles - PhD and early career researchers workshop

The Irish History group at Edinburgh University invites proposals from early career and PhD researchers working on the history of the Troubles to participate in a workshop on 8 and 9 September 2017. (Published 20 June 2017)

Historical approaches to later Latin literature

Preparatory to a new 'Cambridge History of Later Latin Literature', this event aims to consolidate the scholarly gains of previous generations but also to ask new questions and invite new directions for the future. (Published 2 June 2017)

Workshop: Slavery and the Scottish Country House

Through this workshop (14 July 2017) the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies will develop a strategy for designing research and taking forward the ‘Slavery and the Scottish country house’ project. (Published 1 June 2017)

The atlas of hillforts of Britain and Ireland: results, implications and wider contexts

The AHRC Hillforts Atlas Final conference will take place on 23-25 June, 2017 and will explore some of the results of the project and to set these into wider contexts.. (Published 16 Feb, 2017)

Materiality, representation, and performance in archaic and classical Greek poetry

This two-day conference, to be held on the 20th and 21st of June 2017, will bring together scholars interested in the relation between materiality and language, in literary objects, in performance and textuality. (Published 16 March, 2017)

Rural settlement: relating buildings, landscape, and people in the European Iron Age

This three-day workshop (19-21 June, 2017) will connect evidence and views from across Europe to inform dialogue on common themes, regional variation and the roles of rural settlements in Iron Age societies. (Published 1 May, 2017)

LAMPS Conference 2017 - Death & the Supernatural

The third annual Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society Conference will take place on 16 June 2017. (Published 30 May 2017)

Humanities Research and GIS

The Digital Humanities group in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology is pleased to announce its summer event, ‘Humanities Research and GIS’ which will combine a key note lecture, workshop and reception on 12 June. (Published 5 June 2017)

Memorial book launch - Professor Anthony Goodman

Celebrate the life and work of Professor Anthony Goodman, and the launch of his latest book. (Published 9 May 2017)

Workshop - Speaking when they're spoken to?

This workshop, on 6 June, will discuss the methodological challenges faced in conducting the history of children. (Published 16 Feb, 2017)

Denys Hay Lecture 2017

The 2017 Denys Hay lecture will take place on 6th June, as Professor Simon Ditchfield speaks on 'Here time becomes Space: Roma sancta in the making of Roman Catholicism as a world religion'. (Published 8 May 2017)

The causes of conflict in ancient history and historiography

The School and the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities are happy to announce the workshop ‘The causes of conflict in ancient history and historiography’, which will take place on 25-27 May, 2017. (Published 5 April, 2017)

Career pathways after the PhD - an event with Edinburgh alumni

HCA Students in SRR
Join PhD alumni to hear about life after studies. (Published 8 May 2017)

Sharing heritage, sharing experience workshop

An opportunity to bring together people working on heritage and community projects on Scottish, UK-wide, and global scales, to share experiences for mutual benefit. (Published 10 May 2017)

Hidden art and reused stones in Late Prehistoric stone architectures

The workshop, on 13 May, is part of a HCA-funded project on the deposition of decorated stones in Neolithic tomb architecture in Ireland. (Published 1 May, 2017)

Arbuthnott Lecture 2017 - Mary Daly

Mary E. Daly, Professor Emeritus in Modern Irish History at University College Dublin, will deliver the 2017 Arbuthnott Lecture on Wednesday 10 May. (Published 6 April 2017)

Agriculture, economy and society in early modern Scotland

A day conference, 6 May 2017, examining the economic, social and cultural experiences of life in agrarian Scotland, c. 1500-1750, leading to the project’s second book – an edited collection of essays.

Undergraduate online information sessions

Students in a lecture
Interested in undergraduate study in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology? Can't make it to Edinburgh for a visit? Join our live online information sessions! (Published 15 Feb, 2017)

Sarah Dunant - In the Name of the Family

Join bestselling author, broadcaster, academic and historical novelist Sarah Dunant on 7 April as she talks about her latest novel, In the Name of the Family. (Published 7 March, 2017)

New approaches to Greek institutional history

The Department of Classics of the University of Edinburgh is happy to announce the conference ‘New Approaches to Greek Institutional History’, to be held on 30-31 March 2017.

Postgraduate online information sessions

Are you interested in postgraduate study in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology but can't make it to Edinburgh for a visit? Join our live online information sessions!

Decolonising Africa in history and history in Africa

This panel discussion on 24 March aims to raise interest at all levels in the study of the African continent, with a focus on a historical approach. (Published 14 March, 2017)

What Tommy did next – Veterans' activities and organisations of the First World War, in the UK and beyond

A symposium hosted by the Centre for the Study of Modern Conflict, keynote address from Professor Jay Winter. (Published 8 March, 2017)

Rome Post Mortem: The Many Returns of Rutilius Namatianus

Dr Sigrid Schottenius Cullhed, Research Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities speaks as part of the Northern Scholars Lectures. (Published 8 March, 2017)

Workshop on historical and comparative grammar of Ancient Greek

History tablet image
An intensive workshop to provide a basic foundation of the historical grammar of Ancient Greek.

Munro Lectures - The Study of Ancient Disease and the Genomics Revolution

Professor Jane Buikstra reviews the advancements in genomics over the past quarter century, which have stimulated remarkable new interpretations of ancient human diseases, especially their emergence and spread. Event is free to attend and non-ticketed.