Information for undergraduates

Progression and classification

Information about the release of undergraduate progression decisions, marks, prizes and degree results.

When will my results be published?

You can find details of when results are expected to be published, including progression and classification decisions, in the University’s Key Dates.

Key Dates

For year 3 students, we hope to have all HCA course results published on the same day as those who are due to graduate in summer, however, please be aware that this might be dependent on information available to the Board of Examiners (particularly if you are taking a joint degree programme with another School). The official date for publication for Year 3 course results and progression decisions is the later date for all continuing students.

Undergraduate degree classification -Who to contact if you have a query about your result or need to talk to someone

If you have a concern or a query about your result, or if your result is significantly different than what you expected, a member of staff will be available to talk to you and can arrange a meeting with you if that would be helpful. Details of who to contact will be provided by email shortily after publication of results. Alternatively, please contact our Student Support and Experience Team who will direct your query to the appropriate member of staff.

Undergraduate Progression (Years 1-3)

If you are moving into your next year of study, a progression decision will be communicated via the EUCLID student view.  This will tell you whether you have been approved to proceed, or if we need to defer the decision pending resit assessment(s) or because we are missing information to enable us to make that decision. 

Industrial Action – Impact Summary (Semester 1 courses)

The School has taken steps to collect information from each Course Organiser (academic lead responsible for each individual course) to determine the impact of industrial action upon their course during Semester 1.  This has allowed the School to take appropriate mitigating action where this is required on any assessment which has been impacted. Details of courses affected are noted below.  If a course is not listed, this means that the course was not deemed to require any specific mitigation, as a result of the industrial action.

All decisions taken were reviewed by the Boards of Examiners, who determine your course results in line with University Regulations, before final marks were confirmed.

Undergraduate (UG) courses

Course Name Course Code Mitigation measures applied at course-level Mitigation measures applied at programme-level
Archaeology 2A ARCA08013 Practical 3 disregarded for all students Flagged for Progression Board to take into account for progression to Honours
Greek Art & Archaeology CACA08012 Slide test disregarded for all students Flagged for Progression Board to take into account for progression to Honours
Ancient History 2a: Past and Present in the Ancient World ANHI08014 Exam question 10, section B if answered was only included if to the advantage of the student. Flagged for Progression Board to take into account for progression to Honours
Historical Skills and Methods I HIST10426 Final assessment date moved later for all students.  Flagged for Progression Board to take into account for progression/classification

How is my degree result determined?

As you work towards completion of your degree programme, we recommend that you take a little time to familiarise yourself with the regulations that govern assessment in the University, and the sources of support that the University has in place if you have queries or concerns about your own result.


If you are considering submitting an appeal, you can find further information on the Appeals Process from Academic Services.


Assessment Regulations

The University's Taught Assessment Regulations govern the way in which undergraduate courses and programmes are assessed.

These Regulations also include links to the University’s Common Marking Scheme which applies to all the School’s assessed work, including examinations.

Taught Assessment Regulations

Degree Regulations

The University’s regulations governing undergraduate degree programmes can be found at:

Degree Regulations 2022/23 

Guide to Classification of Undergraduate Honours Degrees

Your honours degree will be classified in accordance with the University’s Undergraduate Assessment Regulations.

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science, which includes the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, produces the formal guidance to Schools on degree classification and this can be found below: