Information for undergraduates

Support and advice

Help, support and advice for students in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology.

The School is committed to helping you throughout your time here so please do ask if you are unsure of anything or need help. Within the School your Personal Tutor, the Student Support Office and our Peer Support volunteers can all help or advise where to look for further support across the University.

Please do make contact as soon as you are able if you do experience difficulties as the sooner we know the more we will be able to do to help.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

The following presentation by the Director of Student Wellbeing, Andy Shanks, gives details of mental health services that are available for students, including out of hours assistance. It also highlights some of the initiatives that the university is running (e.g. on consent). 


Protocol for Students with Severe Problems


Student Support Office

The Student Support Office is your first point of contact within the School for advice and support.

Personal Tutors

Each undergraduate in the School is assigned to a Personal Tutor who will provide them with academic advice, guidance on their course choices, regular guidance on their academic progress, and advice on where and how to seek help with personal problems.

Peer Support

Support from fellow students who have been where you are now!

General help and support

There is a very wide range of support available to students across the School and the University.

Important dates and deadlines

Important dates and deadlines for the upcoming academic year.

How you can help the School

Get involved with the School. Take advantage of the opportunities available.