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Mentoring Programme

The School offers a Mentoring Programme for all 2nd and 3rd students, matching them to mentors with a background in History, Classics and Archaeology.

The Mentoring Programme for the academic year 2021/22 is now closed.

The School offers a Mentoring Programme for 2nd and 3rd year students across the School.  This programme matches students to a mentor who is employed with a background of History, Classics or Archaeology.  Mentors may work in different sectors to which they studied, and this will be useful to students who want to explore their options and get a greater understanding of how to use their degree in the graduate job market.

You will get the opportunity to chat to your mentor about their career journey and experiences and gain a really honest insight into the area that you are looking to work in.  Your mentor may be able to suggest ways to develop your skills and experiences and give you some inspiration about your future career path!

This year you will find that most meetings will take place over Skype, Teams, email or phone, regardless of your mentor’s location.  You will be introduced to your mentor in November and the official Mentoring Programme runs until May.  You can expect approximately one hour per month of contact with your mentor.

The Mentoring Programme for the academic year 2021/22 is now open. Please apply using the form below.

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You can read more about students' and mentors' experiences of participating in the School's Mentoring Programme at the link below.

Another successful year for the School 's Student Mentoring Programme