Information for undergraduates

The Prastio-Mesorotsos Archaeological Expedition

The next fieldwork dates will be 12 July -13 August 2023.

HCA Photo showing view at Prastio site
The Prastio site.

Location: Lemba Archaeological Research Centre, Cyprus

Project Dates: 12 July -13 August 2023

Located inland, nestled in the Dhiarizos Valley of western Cyprus, the site is a multi-period settlement spanning much of the island’s history, from the Neolithic to the 1950s AD. The project is run as a Field School, and no prior experience is required of participants. Students of any discipline would be encouraged to apply, especially those from Archaeology, Classics and History, but also those interested in surveying, geography, ethnology, as well as anyone with an interest in Mediterranean history of any period.

The Prastio-Mesorotsos Archaeological Excavation is an ASOR-Affiliated Project. As such, accepted students are eligible to apply for ASOR funding to participate in this project.

Please apply online (below) to secure your place on the team.