Information for current undergraduates

Archaeology practical work and fieldwork

Find out about the fieldwork component of Archaeology degrees and the opportunities for fieldwork.

Practical work is classified under the following headings: Fieldwork, Laboratory Work, Museum and Archive Work, Public Archaeology. More information is available in the pages below. For information on funding opportunities relating to fieldwork, please see 'Scholarships and funding'. At the moment fieldwork opportunities for future dates are subject to disruption due to Coronovirus (COVID-19).

Fieldwork opportunities

Find out what fieldwork is available for Archaeology students.

Practical Work Requirements

Practical work requirements for each year of your Archaeology degree.

Choice of Practical Work

Description of different types of practical work.

Certification Forms and Reports on Practical Work

Information about certification of practical work for archaeology degrees.

Approval of Practical Archaeological Work

Information about how to get approval for your practical work in Archaeology.

The Vacation Grant

Applying for vacation grants to help cover the costs of practical work in Archaeology.

Practical Work Forms

Forms for archaeology practical work.

Insurance for fieldwork

Students taking part in fieldwork should have some kind of insurance.