Information for undergraduates

Late submissions and extensions

The University's policy on late submissions and extensions.

Late Submission of Work

  • Late coursework will only be accepted without penalty if you have provided a good reason and have been granted an extension in advance or exceptional circumstances prevented you from doing so.  See section below on Extensions.
  • Late coursework submitted without an authorised extension will be recorded as late and the following penalties will apply: 5 percentage points will be deducted for every calendar day or part thereof it is late, up to a maximum of 7 calendar days. After this time a mark of zero will be recorded.
  • These penalties follow the University's Taught Assessment Regulations, regulation 28.

Extensions and Learning Adjustment extra time

The University is committed to supporting you during your studies. Therefore, if there is a circumstance beyond your control that you feel may have an adverse impact on your academic performance, you can apply for a coursework extension and/or for special circumstances.

From this academic year 2020/21, Extension (up to seven calendar days) and Learning Adjustment extra time applications must be submitted via a dedicated Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC) service.

The Extension application process is now online via the new ESC Student MyEd portlet, please see Assessment Support for details of the process. 

The Learning Adjustment extra time application process remains unchanged. You should submit the form as linked below. Please note any learning adjustment requests made through the online system will not be accepted.


The Extensions explained webpage gives information about extensions.

Please note especially that:

  • An extension is a process where you receive additional time to complete your coursework. An extension for a coursework submission can be up to a maximum of seven calendar days following the deadline.  
  • Reasons for coursework extensions are unexpected short-term circumstances that are exceptional and beyond your control, and which may have an adverse impact on your ability to complete the assessment on time.  
  • You will be able to submit an extension request two weeks before your assignment deadline. Applications submitted after your assignment deadlines will not be considered.  

  • After submitting a complete application for an extension, the ESC team will notify you of the decision within two working days.  
    • If your extension request is approved: The ESC team will let you know and for how many days you have an extension.
    • If your extension request is not approved: You must submit your assessment to the original deadline. Any assessment submitted following this date will incur a late penalty.  
  • If the circumstances for which you require an extension extend beyond seven calendar days you should submit the coursework when able to do so and apply via the Special Circumstances process for the Board of Examiners to disregard the penalty for late submission. Details of the Special Circumstances process are available via the Special Circumstances page of the intranet.

Learning Adjustment extra time

Learning adjustments are amendments to your course of study which enable you to participate fully in your education—a very common one is receiving extra time on an assessment. The Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC) Team will now process all requests for extra time on written assessments through the new process.

If you already have a learning adjustment for extra time please see the Learning adjustments explained webpage which gives full details of the process and links to the online Learning Adjustments notification form you must submit. Please note any learning adjustment requests made through the online system will not be accepted.

You cannot apply for a new learning adjustment through the system- you can only access learning adjustments that have already been put in place by Student Disability Service. If you think you might require learning adjustments due to a long-term physical or mental health condition, please get in touch with Student Disability Service.