Information for current undergraduates

Submitting your dissertation

What you need to know about submitting your dissertation for assessment.

Submitting your dissertation is very similar to submitting an essay with a few differences:

  • You need to check the notice about 'Public Availablity' in Learn (and fill in the Own Work Declaration) before you will see the submission dropboxes
  • If you need to submit supporting files such as videos, audio recordings or data, please see the information below about uploading supporting files.

Please refer to the coursework submission information about how to submit to a dropbox:


Please note:

  • Your dissertation is not marked anonymously.  
  • It is your responsibility to fill in the Public Availability Opt-Out form, if you wish to apply to restrict access to your dissertation after you have graduated.
  • If your file is too big (i.e max size is 40MBs) then we have some instructions for compressing them: