Information for undergraduates

Good Academic Conduct

Information on Good Academic Conduct.

HCA Writing in Your Own Words advice

By ‘good academic conduct’ we are referring to what we expect of you in your assessments. We expect you:

  • To write in your own words, with any quotations clearly marked as such.
  • To reference where you are getting your facts, ideas and arguments from, if they are not your own, so that a reader can follow these up for themselves.
  • To acknowledge the help that you have got from anyone else so that only your own work is given credit.


The School has prepared some guidance on this for undergraduates in each subject area:

Further Resources

Please find a guide to flagged coursework below:

Further Resources

You might also find the following online resources useful to you regarding referencing, avoiding plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct:


College also provides further guidance about academic misconduct: