Information for undergraduates

2020 National Student Survey

The National Student Survey (NSS) for 2020 is now open.

HCA NSS Results as of 9 March 2020

The NSS is a survey for all final year undergraduate students in UK universities. It is a unique opportunity to pass on your thoughts about your whole experience through all your years of study at the University of Edinburgh.

Your opinion is important to us and your views are essential to help the School understand what has been good about your time with us and what you would change. Your feedback will help to shape the future of the School.

The School is committed to ensuring that we provide the best learning environment and experience our resources permit; feedback provided by student surveys is a crucial opportunity for you to tell us what we do well - and what we need to do better. The higher the response rate, the more representative and thus meaningful your feedback is.

This Survey is therefore your chance to influence or modify what the School does, and potentially thereby to make a real difference for future generations of undergraduate scholars.

Professor Ewen CameronHead of School

A minimum response rate of 50% is needed for results to be published and the School achieved a response rate in 2019 of 66%. The higher the response rate, the more complete the information on student opinion obtained will be. 

For more information about the NSS and the other ways in which student feedback is valued by the School see Student surveys and feedback.