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Sellar and Goodhart Collection

Sellar and Goodhart Collection for Classics



The Sellar & Goodhart Classics book collection is the largest within the School and is currently located on Floor 1 and on both levels of the Student Research Room. (Room 2m.25) William Sellar and Harry Goodhart were successive professors of Humanity at the University of Edinburgh at the end of the 19th century.

Harry Chester Goodhart (1858 – 1895) graduated from Cambridge University in April of 1881 with a B.A. in Classics and then completed his M.A. in 1884. He joined the University of Edinburgh as Professor of Humanities in 1890 where he remained till his death due to pneumonia in 1895, aged 36.

Goodharts predecessor William Young Sellar (1825 – 1890) was a Scottish classical scholar born in Sutherland and educated at the Edinburgh Academy and afterwards at the University of Glasgow. He entered Balliol College, Oxford, as a scholar and graduated with a first class in Classics. He was elected Professor of Humanity at the University of Edinburgh in 1863 and occupied the chair till his death.

The Classics collection named after these two highly successful professors has grown over the years through donations and was previously housed in Old College and the David Hume Tower. In 2010 the collection was successfully moved to the new History, Classics and Archaeology premises at the William Robertson Wing.