‘Game on’ for new research group

The School is excited to announce the creation of a new research group called History and Games Lab (H&GL).


The H&GL explores games (both analogue and digital) as a medium for historical research, teaching and public engagement. Its activities include events such as regular seminars, podcasts, workshops, game design, playtests, and participation at gaming events. While based at SHCA, it encourages contributors from other disciplines and backgrounds within and without the university. 

It is currently involved in a game-design project that was fully-funded on Kickstarter in 24 hours (the crowdfunding campaign ends on 24 July, see below for details).

If you’d like to join the group please contact Dr Gianluca Raccagni (gianluca.raccagni@ed.ac.uk), or you can join subscribe to receive further information on its activities on the website (subscribe).


'The Fall of the King' Kickstarter

H&GL on Facebook 

H&GL website

H&GL on the SHCA website