Resources across the city

Edinburgh is a great place to study history. The city is soaked in history and has excellent historical resources.

National Library of Scotland

Galleries and Museums in Edinburgh

Situated about a 5 minute walk from the School, the National Library of Scotland is a world-class reference library. It is Scotland's largest library and one of the major research libraries in Europe.

The National Museum of Scotland

Again, a 5 minute walk from the School, the National Museum of Scotland is home to collections collected from Scotland and around the world for 200 years.

National Records of Scotland

The National Records of Scotland (formerly known as the National Archives) holds historical records created by businesses, landed estates, families, churches and other corporate bodies. an in valuable resource for research into Scottish history.

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

A short walk from the George Square campus, RCAHMS holds a wealth of information on Scotland's architectural, industrial, archaeological and maritime heritage. It also curates one of the largest and most significant collections of international aerial photography.

Scottish Catholic Archives

Another valuable resource for the study of Scottish and European history is the nearby Scottish Catholic Archives, the largest body of material in the UK relating to the Scottish Catholic Church in the post-Reformation period.

With over 800 years of documentary evidence from Scotland and the wider world, the archive includes letters, baptismal records, parish registers, genealogical records and papers relating to famous individuals. Notable documents include letters of Mary Queen of Scots, Papal Bull dated 1177 referring to the Scots Benedictine Abbey at Regensburgh Bohemia.

National War Museum

Situated within Edinburgh Castle the National War Museum holds letters, documents and exhibitions relating to Scotland's military role in the world over the last 400 years.

Other museums and galleries

Smaller museums around the city , include the Museum of Childhood, the Museum of Edinburgh and the Writer's Museum. There are also various castles, homes and monuments around the city tyhat also contain collections of historical interest.