Staff profiles

Professor Robert Morris

BA, D.Phil, FRHS

Professor Emeritus; Economic and Social History




Class, Sect and Party. The Making of the British Middle Class: Leeds, 1820-50, Manchester 1990

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Selected articles

Voluntary Societies and British Urban Elites, 1780-1870: an analysis, The Historical Journal, vol.24, 1982, pp.95- 118

Externalities, the market, power structures and the urban agenda, Urban History Yearbook, vol.17, 1990, pp.99-109

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The capitalist, the professor and the soldier: the re-making of Edinburgh Castle, 1850-1900, Planning Perspectives, 22.1 [January 2007] 55-78.

In Search of Twentieth-Century Edinburgh,  Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, new series vol.8 [2010] 13-26.

Selected book chapters

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