Staff profiles

Photo of Monica Azzolini

Dr Monica Azzolini

MPhil, PhD

Honorary Fellow; Early Modern European History


Undergraduate teaching

UG courses taught:

  • Pre-honours: European History 1 (40 credit); Introduction to Medieval Europe 2B: c.1200-1450 (20 credit); European History 1a (20 credit).
  • Honours options: Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe (20 credit); Medicine, Science and Politics at the Courts of Early Modern Europe (20 credit).
  • History in Theory (school-wide)
  • History in Practice (school-wide)
  • 4th-year dissertations

UG courses taught in the academic year 2016/17:

  • Pre-honours: Early Modern History: A Connected World
  • Cultures of Disasters: History and the Environment, ca. 1500-1750
  • 4th-year dissertations


Postgraduate teaching

PG courses taught:

  • Core Course: MSc Renaissance and Early Modern; Gender History; Historical Research Methods (pathway)
  • Postgraduate options:  Medicine, Science, and Society in Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy and Medieval and Renaissance Italy: Texts, Objects and Practices (Intensive Option taught in Edinburgh and Florence)
  • MSc and PhD supervision

PG courses taught in the academic year 2016/17:

  • The Scientific Revolution in Global Perspective
  • Course Course: MSc Renaissance and Early Modern
  • MSc and PhD supervision