Staff profiles

Academic staff in History:

Name Job titleStaff categoryContact details
Ahmed, Dr Talat Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3775
Ahnert, Professor Thomas Professor of Intellectual HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3777
Aird, Dr Bill Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 9968
Arnold-Forster, Dr Agnes Chancellor's FellowResearch Fellow
Aucoin, Dr Taylor British Academy Post-Doctoral FellowPostdoctoral Fellow
Bartie, Dr Angela Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3768
Bates, Professor Crispin Professor of Modern and Contemporary South Asian HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3765
Batho, Dr Nick Teaching Fellow in Modern US HistoryAcademic Staff
Beattie, Professor Cordelia Professor of Women's and Gender HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3778
Blanc, Dr Jacob Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 651 1925
Bloxham, Professor Donald Richard Pares Professor of European HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3757
Boardman, Professor Steve Professor of Medieval Scottish History; Postgraduate Recruitment and Engagement OfficerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 4035
Boecking, Dr Felix Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3844
Boehme, Dr Kate Teaching Fellow in Modern South Asian HistoryResearch Fellow
Bowd, Professor Stephen Professor of Early Modern HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3758
Brownell, Dr Emily Lecturer in Environmental HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 2378
Budd, Dr Adam Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3834
Cali, Dr Deona BA Visiting FellowResearch Fellow
Cameron, Professor Ewen Sir William Fraser Professor of Scottish History and PalaeographyAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 4031
Carr, Dr Mike Lecturer in Late Medieval History; Director of Quality Academic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 2554
Carr, Dr Rosalind Lecturer in Early Modern Scottish HistoryAcademic Staff
Chabal, Dr Emile ReaderAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 4302
Chick, Professor Martin Professor of Economic HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3842
Christoffersen, Dr Ashlee Research Fellow, Gender Equalities at WorkResearch Fellow
Clibbens, Dr Patrick Lecturer in south Asian History Academic Staff
Cogliano, Professor Frank Professor of American HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3774
Crang, Professor Jeremy Professor of Modern British HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 651 1255
Crowcroft, Dr Robert Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3764
Davis, Professor Gayle Professor of the History of MedicineAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 8348
Davison, Dr Kate Lecturer in the History of SexualityAcademic Staff
Day, Dr Kirsty Teaching Fellow in Medieval HistoryAcademic Staff
Delaney, Professor Enda Professor of Modern HistoryAcademic Staff
Dell, Dr Jeremy Lecturer in African History pre 1900Academic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 4476
Dupont, Dr Wannes Lecturer in History of SexualityAcademic Staff
Edge, Dr Jo Post-Doctoral Research Fellow; Alice Thornton's BooksResearch Fellow
Fox, Professor Adam Professor of Social History Academic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3835
Gibbings, Dr Julie Lecturer in the History of the Americas; Director of Equality, Diversity and InclusionAcademic Staff
Goldsmith, Dr Sarah Chancellor’s FellowAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3865
Green, Dr Felicity Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 651 3856
Griffiths, Dr Trevor ReaderAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 6897
Halstead, Dr Huw Lecturer in Public History Academic Staff
Harding, Dr Christopher Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 9960
Hilfrich, Dr Fabian Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 651 3236
Howard, Dr Sharon Post-Doctoral Research Fellow; Alice Thornton's BooksResearch Fellow
Hunt, Dr Megan Teaching Fellow in American HistoryAcademic Staff
Hunter, Professor Emma Professor of Global and African HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 4034
Jackson, Professor Alvin Richard Lodge Professor of HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 651 3848
Jackson, Professor Louise Professor of Modern Social HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3837
Jaworzyn, Dr Michael Post-Doctoral Research FellowPostdoctoral Fellow
Kaufman, Dr David LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 651 3857
Kosmetatos, Dr Paul LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3838
Lauchlan, Dr Iain Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
Mackay, Mr James Teaching Fellow in American HistoryAcademic Staff
Malinowski, Dr Stephan Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3588
Mason, Professor Robert Professor of Twentieth-Century U.S. HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3770
Matheou, Dr Nicholas Lecturer in Global Medieval HistoryAcademic Staff
McDowall, Dr Stephen Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3754
Mijers, Dr Esther Senior Lecturer in Scottish HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3756
Mistry, Dr Zubin Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3773
Nenadic, Professor Stana Professor of Social History and Cultural HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3839
Newman, Dr Mark ReaderAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3759
Nugent, Professor Paul Professor of Comparative African HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3879
Oosterhoff, Dr Richard Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3866
Paton, Professor Diana William Robertson Professor of History; Head of History Subject AreaAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 4578
Pentland, Professor Gordon Professor of Political HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 8354
Priyadarshini, Dr Meha Lecturer in HistoryAcademic Staff
Raccagni, Dr Gianluca Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 651 3239
Raffe, Dr Alasdair Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 651 4269
Rodger, Professor Richard Professor Emeritus of Economic and Social HistoryEmeritus Professor
Rowe, Dr Rochelle Lecturer in Black British HistoryAcademic Staff
Ruiz, Dr Julius Senior Lecturer; International DirectorAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3760
Schaefer, Dr Timo Lecturer in Latin American HistoryAcademic Staff
Silkenat, Dr David Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 4614
Sleiman, Dr Hana Lecturer in Modern Middle Eastern HistoryAcademic Staff
Sowerby, Dr Richard Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3854
Suits, Dr Robert Fennell Early Career Fellow in US HistoryResearch Fellow
Takuva, Dr Tinashe Lecturer in Environmental HistoryAcademic Staff
Turkowska, Dr Justyna Aniceta LecturerAcademic Staff
Tycko, Dr Sonia Lecturer in the History of LabourAcademic Staff
Ugolini, Dr Wendy Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3766
Valny, Dr Tereza Eva Teaching Fellow in Modern European HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 2504
Ward, Dr Emily Joan Post- Doctoral Research FellowPostdoctoral Fellow
Webster, Dr Tom Senior LecturerAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3763
Weinstein, Dr Ben Teaching Fellow in Modern British HistoryAcademic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 3762
Yıldız, Dr Hatice Lecturer in Modern Gender History since 1750Academic Staff
+44 (0)131 650 2378
Zenobi, Dr Luca British Academy Post-Doctoral FellowPostdoctoral Fellow
Zhukova, Dr Tatyana Teaching Fellow in Early Modern HistoryResearch Fellow

Honorary staff in History:

Name Job titleStaff categoryContact details
Anderson, Professor Michael Professor Emeritus of Economic History and Honorary Professorial FellowHonorary Fellow
+44 (0)131 650 4140
Anderson, Professor Robert Professor Emeritus in HistoryHonorary Fellow
Angold, Professor Michael Professor EmeritusHonorary Fellow
+44 (0)131 650 4140
Bouras-Vallianatos, Associate Professor Petros Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Breitenbach, Dr Esther Research FellowHonorary Fellow
Brown, Dr Tom Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Carter, Dr Marina Research AssistantHonorary Fellow
Cockram, Dr Sarah Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Collins, Dr Roger John Howard Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Cunningham, Dr Tom Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Davidson, Professor Roger Professor Emeritus in HistoryHonorary Fellow
Devine, Professor Sir Tom Emeritus ProfessorHonorary Fellow
Dickinson, Professor Harry Emeritus Professor of British historyHonorary Fellow
+44 (0)131 650 4140
Doble, Dr Josh Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Dow, Dr Frances Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
+44 (0)131 650 4140
Dudley-Edwards, Mr Owen Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Goodare, Professor Julian Emeritus Professor of HistoryHonorary Fellow
Green, Professor Ian Honorary Professorial FellowHonorary Fellow
Green, Professor Judith Emeritus ProfessorHonorary Fellow
+44 (0)131 650 4140
Groundwater, Dr Anna Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Jeffreys-Jones, Professor Rhodri Emeritus Professor of HistoryHonorary Fellow
Johnston, Dr Gordon Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Learoyd , Dr Simon Martin Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
MacAskill, Dr John Honorary Postdoctoral FellowHonorary Fellow
MacGillivray, Dr Neil Honorary Postdoctoral FellowHonorary Fellow
MacRaild, Professor Don Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Meikle, Professor Maureen Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Morris, Professor Robert Professor EmeritusHonorary Fellow
+44 (0)131 650 6693
Murdoch, Dr Alexander Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Stafford, Professor David Leverhulme Emeritus ProfessorHonorary Fellow
Ward, Dr John Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Webster, Professor Wendy Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow
Williams, Dr Lisa Honorary FellowHonorary Fellow