Postgraduate Students

Taught courses

You will take several courses across two semesters of teaching.

Core courses

You will take the following three core courses:

Course name Credits
Economic and Social Theory for Historical Analysis 20

Supervised Reading Course (E&SH)


Core quantitative Data Analysis 1 and 2 20

Skills courses

In addition you will take a pair of skills courses (ERSC funded students must take the first pair).

Course name Credits
Research Skills in the Social Sciences: Data Collection 20
Research Design 20
Historical Research: Skills and Sources 20
Historical Methodology 20

Optional courses

You will then take one further option course of your choice, subject to availability. 

Option courses previously offered include those listed below.  Option courses change from year to year and those available when you start your studies will be different from those shown in this representative list.

Course name Credits
Macroeconomics 1 OR Microeconomics 1   20
Economic and Social History Courses 20
Online History Courses 20

Teaching and assessment

The courses are mostly taught in small-group seminars. Most courses are assessed by means of an extended piece of written work. Some courses also assess non-written skills.