Postgraduate Students

Personal and professional development

Our students take the programme for personal fulfilment as well as professional and academic development.

A postgraduate degree is an intellectually rewarding experience, enhancing both your skills and employability, and could facilitate a change in career direction or prepare you for further postgraduate research such as a PhD.

Some students of History pursue work in related areas such as museums, galleries, libraries and historic trusts, whilst others build on the transferable skills gained and pursue areas as diverse as business and media, to public administration and marketing. The programme could be of interest to those considering pursuing a teaching career. However, we recommend that you contact the regulatory authority for teaching in your country and teacher training institutions to discuss the statutory requirements for entering the profession before making a decision.

Careers service

Whilst studying, you will have access to our Careers service and the support they offer onlineĀ students in developing their own individual career plans.

Careers service

Further study

The online MSc in History is designed as a foundation for further postgraduate training.

The aim of a higher research degree is to provide a thorough training through original investigation, analysis and interpretation. At Edinburgh we can offer you a first-class experience in graduate education and research via our on-campus PhD programmes.

PhD History programmes