Postgraduate Students


You will undertake a research project and produce a dissertation which is submitted on an assigned date in mid-August.

During the late spring and summer you will write a dissertation, which will be an advanced and original research project.

You will choose your research topic with the aid of the Programme Director and/or other tutors. Many students opt to pursue an interest that previously took shape during one of their taught courses, with the course tutor acting as their supervisor.

The dissertation is your chance to apply your independent research skills and be creative. Our breadth of historical expertise means that we're open to almost any feasible area of interest.

The dissertation is submitted in mid-August, and is worth 60 credits (one-third of the assessment for the degree).

Example dissertation topics

Past dissertation topics have included:

  • The Church of Scotland in the Highlands: Presbyterian Approaches to the ‘Increase of Popery’ in the Early Eighteenth Century
  • Italian Immigration to the United States of America: A Focused History of the Italian-American Community and Culture
  • 'Mad, Bad or Dangerous': The perception of shell-shock in the British medical community 1914 - 1920
  • Detention or Shelter? The Sangatte and Oakington refugee camps, 1999 - 2010
  • Was the Irish Language an Important Aspect to the Identity of the Irish Diaspora in North America and Britain, 1850-1900?