Postgraduate Students

Programme description

Study ancient history at an advanced level and develop your interest in the ancient world, whilst receiving excellent preparation for further graduate research.


Edinburgh is one of the leading centres in the UK for the study of ancient history, in terms of the chronological, geographical and methodological scope of the research interests of our staff. The range and content of our courses reflect staff research strengths in Greek, Hellenistic, Roman and Late Antique topics. Greek and Latin language courses are always offered.

Our particular strengths lie in the legal, institutional, social and economic history of the Greek and Roman worlds, as well as in political theory and practice, Hellenistic history, and late antique history.

As a student on this programme, you will develop your skills in critical thinking, clear writing and research, verbal presentation and critical presentations. 

Breadth of expertise

The department boasts one of the largest concentrations of Greek and Hellenistic historians in the world, and has additional strengths in Roman Republican, late antique and Byzantine history. Specialists in Greek and Latin literature regularly work on historical topics, while the department also contains a significant number of Classical archaeologists.