Prospective postgraduates

Classics programmes

Our Classics programmes are wide and varied, covering a range of topics including languages, Byzantine Studies and Classical Archaeology.

MSc in Classics

Acropolis with Parthenon temple in Athens
Join one of the largest Classics departments in the UK and develop your interests across the entire discipline, from Greek and Latin literature, to Greek and Roman history, to classical art and archaeology.

MSc in Ancient History

Evening on the Forum Romanum, Rome
From the history of the Greek and Roman worlds, to Hellenistic history and Late Antiquity, our diverse expertise will enable you to choose a specialised path or to pursue a more interdisciplinary programme.

MSc in Classical Art and Archaeology

Classical Sculptures on Building
Study the ancient Greek and Roman worlds, through their material remains including; sculpture, funerary art, topography and visual cultures.

MSc in Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies

Statues of the Tetrarchs Venice resized
This interdisciplinary programme builds upon the University’s reputation as a hub for the study of the late antique, Islamic and Byzantine worlds.

MSc in Ancient Worlds (Archaeology and Classics) (Online Learning)

Temple of Apollo in Delphi
Join our flexible online Ancient Worlds Masters programme and gain a graduate degree from a world-leading university. Explore the human past, from early prehistory to late antiquity.