Graduate School

Research dissertation

You will undertake a research project and produce a dissertation which is submitted on an assigned date in mid-August.

Your research project takes the form of a dissertation, worth 60 credits, which is submitted on an assigned date in mid-August.

The Programme Director and teaching staff will help you to choose a topic, and find a supervisor.

Example dissertation topics

Past dissertation topics have included:

  • Were they equals or uneven partners?: Colonial encounters in the Iberian Peninsula in the first millennium BC. Phoenician Communities in Málaga.
  • Cyprus during the Early and Middle Bronze Age: The Case of the Western Part of the Island through a reassessment of CPSP and PAP Surveys
  • An Investigation into the nature of the palatial involvement in the pastoral and wool economies of EBA-MBA Anatolia
  • Road to the Otherworld: A Zooarchaeological Approach to the Romanisation of the Eastern Iberian Peninsula
  • The Antecedents of the Temple Builders: Cultural Continuity from the Pre-temple to Temple Period on Neolithic Malta
  • Kingdoms at the Crossroads: Selective incorporation of foreign display styles and the creation of independent identity in LBA northern Levantine city-states
  • The Archaeology of Christianization in Pamphylia
  • The role of tin in Central and Western Anatolia during the Early Bronze Age
  • Women in Ancient Mesopotamia: Tracing the Status of Elite Women in Ancient Mesopotamia from the Early Dynastic to the Old Babylonian Period through Glyptic and Figural Representations
  • Regionalism in Cyprus in the MCIII-LCI transition
  • Powerful Images: Reading Villanovan Bronze Belts
  • The organisation and administration of copper in late Bronze Age Cyprus
  • The Bronze Age Ceramic Identity of Prastio Mesorotsos in Western Cyprus
  • A Synthesis and Comparison of Cypro-PPNB and Levantine PPNB Mortuary Practices