Postgraduate Students

What our past students think

We interviewed a recent MSc in Human Osteoarchaeology student, Lauren about the programme and her time with us.

Photo of Lauren Ide

Why did you choose the University of Edinburgh?

Edinburgh was the perfect choice for me for many reasons including the school’s reputation as a quality research University, the instructors of the programme itself, and of course, this beautiful and unique capital city. I knew I wanted to study in the UK, and Scotland specifically was my preference. I had come to visit on a holiday the year before applying to make sure I liked it here, and Edinburgh as a city was my favourite place to visit. It was easy to conclude that I would love living here, and I do. Edinburgh has the only Osteoarchaeology programme in Scotland so that made my first choice clear. The instructors on this programme had the right experience and research interests that were close enough to mine so I knew I would have excellent support for research and dissertation.


What attracted you to this programme in particular?

My primary attraction to this programme, as opposed to the others to which I had offers, was the substantial experience of the faculty and lecturers. I have broad interests, and while I have now narrowed my interests down to focus on my dissertation topic, while I was applying to MSc programmes I wasn’t certain what I wanted to do within the field. I was interested in palaeopathology, but also in funerary archaeology, forensic taphonomy, and biomolecules. All the other programmes boasted a specific specialism but Edinburgh’s programme seemed varied and was perfect for me. I was right. I got a good foundation, but received quality support in helping me to research and decide upon a dissertation topic that was perfect for me. I could have gone in any direction and the support would have been superb.


What did you enjoy most about your time here?

My favourite part about being here is the city itself. I love the easy access to free museums, the Christmas Market, rides, and especially the Hogmanay Street Party. I can walk everywhere I need to within the city, and it’s easy to hop on the train at Waverley to get to Glasgow, or anywhere around the UK. The Highlands can be a quick weekend trip! Flights to London or other major European cities are inexpensive and travel is so easy. I also appreciate the friendliness of the people here. I have not once felt unwelcome.