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You will need to complete an online application which includes a degree certificate, transcripts and other supporting documents.

Apply for the MSc in Human Osteoarchaeology

We encourage you to apply at least before the final deadline. However if you are also applying for funding or will require a visa then we strongly recommend that you submit your application by the end of February.

Due to high demand, the school operates a number of selection deadlines. We will make a small number of offers to the most outstanding candidates on an ongoing basis, but hold the majority of applications until the next published selection deadline when we will offer a proportion of the places available to applicants selected through a competitive process.

Deadlines for applicants applying to study in 2023/24

Application deadline

      Places awarded by

16 January 2023

      20 February 2023

13 March 2023

      24 April 2023


The final application deadline is 13 March 2023. 

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We advise you to apply as soon as possible as this is a very competitive degree programme. There is the possibility of an extended deadline, in line with application number received.