Postgraduate Students

Taught courses

You will normally take six courses across two semesters of teaching, including a compulsory course and a range of optional courses.

Core course

The compulsory course provides a general introduction to graduate study in archaeology and give you the opportunity to develop your research skills.

The compulsory course for this programme is:

Course name Credits
Research Sources and Strategies in Archaeology 20

Optional courses

You will choose a further 100 credits from a wide selection of optional courses, subject to availability. 

Option courses previously offered include those listed below.  Option courses change from year to year and those available when you start your studies will be different from those shown in this representative list.

Course name Credits
Archaeological Illustration  20

Bronze Age Civilisations of the Near East and Greece 


Archaeology of 'Celtic' Europe: Communities and Interactions 20

The Hittites: The Archaeology of an Ancient Near Eastern Civilisation

Human Evolution   20
Conflict archaeology: materialities of violence 20
Biomolecular Archaeology: the appliance of science 20

Issues in Egyptian Archaeology: the Second Intermediate Period until the end of the Late Period

Quantitative Methods and Reasoning in Archaeology 20
Archaeology of Late Antique Religion 20
Handling Greek Pottery 20
  Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: The Basics and Beyond 20
Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs II: Texts and Contexts 20
The Archaeology of Children and Childhood 20
Theoretical Archaeology 20
Space, Place and Time: the archaeology of built environments 20
Practical Zooarchaeology 20
Themes in Egyptian archaeology: the foundations of the state to the end of the Middle Kingdom 20
Mariners, Monks and Mobility: the archaeology of the early medieval Atlantic Archipelago 20
Marine Archaeology  20

Teaching and assessment

The core and option courses are taught by lectures and seminars and assessed by essays, short written reports, research reports, oral presentations and posters.

Further information

You can see more details about the 2023/24 programme structure on the Degree Programme Table for the MSc in Archaeology. We expect the 2024/25 programme structure to be available from May 2024.