Postgraduate Students


Our premises offer archaeology students exceptionally good, up-to-date facilities, resources and study spaces, in a very attractive location.

The School

Our historic building combines study spaces with exhibition areas hosting a number of significant international collections, including the Vere Gordon Childe collection which allows you to handle, draw and learn from artefacts from the Indus Valley and the Near East including Egypt, and Europe. Additionally we have five archaeological laboratories, including wet processing and bone chemistry labs.

We have our own library, known as the Student Research Room, which is a large airy space used both for study and to house the School’s book collections. Students can also join cross-School research groups which aim to stimulate inter-disciplinary, collaborative research, and widen awareness of individual scholarship.

The University

The University Library is one of the largest university libraries in the UK and contains a substantial collection of primary and secondary materials and a vast collection of rare books and manuscripts.

The City

Edinburgh is a historic city where the earliest human habitation is traced back to a Mesolithic campsite dated to c. 8500 BC. With numerous archaeological sites (prehistoric, Roman and medieval) on your doorstep, Edinburgh provides the perfect setting in which to study Archaeology.

The Archaeology subject area has links with various museums and heritage agencies (including Historic Environment Scotland) located in the city. Edinburgh is also home to many national commercial archaeological companies, which can provide career advice and development opportunities.