Postgraduate Students

Programme description

The taught MSc in Archaeology offers a wide range of course options, which can be tailored to suit your particular interests and requirements.


You will acquire an in-depth understanding of the subject, particularly its history and development, and its links with historical, social and natural sciences. The flexibility of the programme structure allows you to tailor your studies to take full advantage of the wide range of specialist fields and periods of study that our staff can offer. You will explore contemporary theoretical perspectives and develop your academic and practical skills using current methodologies and practices in order to prepare for a professional role in archaeology or further studies at doctoral level.

Studying in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology you will benefit from small-group seminars and individual supervision from nationally- and internationally-renowned scholars.

Breadth of expertise

We have a  wide range of expertise covering different areas, time periods and themes, including

  • Bioarchaeology and isotope studies

  • Egyptology

  • Roman and ‘Celtic’ archaeology

  • The Byzantine World and Late Antiquity  

  • Megalithic monuments

  • Prehistory of Europe, the Mediterranean and North-East Africa

  • Early civilisations and urban societies

  • The archaeology of Scotland

  • Cultural heritage and sustainability

  • Digital heritage and heritage policy

  • Archaeomaterials analysis  

  • Human evolution

  • Conflict archaeology

  • Medieval archaeology

  • Computational archaeology

  • Marine and coastal archaeology

  • Buildings archaeology

  • Archaeological survey-Landscape Archaeology

Focal areas of research include:

  • Bioarchaeology/ Human Osteoarchaeology/ Biological Anthropology

  • Human–environment interactions

  • The transition from hunter-gatherer to farming communities

  • The development of complex societies

  • Cultural heritage perspectives on the past, present, and future