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Student Writing Awards Success

The School was very pleased to hear that two students had been recognised in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Writing prizes.

HCA Kirsty Souter winner of the Sloan Prize

The School was delighted to learn that Millie Riddell (2nd year History MA Hons) was commended for her piece 'We are women, for we wander', for the Lewis Edwards Memorial Prize. Kirsty Souter (who graduated Hons in English Literature and History in 2018) won the Sloan Prize with her piece 'Whit Wis Stolen Fae the Big Man' with a prize of £1500.

Kirsty said, "As someone who’s passionate about history and literature, keeping Scots alive – even in my own small way – was really the driving force behind my foray into writing in dialect. Sometimes I think Scots is wrongly seen as a rather hard to understand or insular language, but in writing for the Sloan Prize, I wanted to try keep my story open and full of spirit and humour that doesn’t need translation!"

Dr Tracey S Rosenberg, University of Edinburgh Writer in Residence said, "Choosing the winners for the University Writing Prizes is one of the best parts of being the Writer in Residence. The Sloan Prize was particularly challenging, as the winning piece must be an accomplished piece of writing in its own right, and under the terms of the prize, it also needs to demonstrate accuracy in the use of the chosen dialect of Lowland Scots. Kirsty's story achieved both of these goals and was downright entertaining."

The School sends its warmest congratulations to Millie and Kirsty on their successes.


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