Postgraduate Students

Student receives Scottish History Society Award

The Scottish History Society has awarded its annual Postgraduate Prize for 2010 to Cathryn Spence, a doctoral candidate in History.

This prestigious research prize, awarded for the best transcription (with historical introduction) of an unpublished primary source in the field of Scottish history, recognises excellence in source identification and contextualisation, as well as in the technical skills involved in transcription.

Cathryn's winning transcription is of a selection of material from the Register of Decreets for Edinburgh between 1606 and 1622, located in the Edinburgh City Archives and incorrectly identified until last year. This series of cases illustrates the importance of debt and credit networks during this period in Edinburgh and other information that can be gained by the social historian from such records concerning debt litigation.

As this year's winner, Cathryn will receive a sum of money, membership in the Society for one year, and consideration for the publication of her transcript in a future Miscellany volume published by the Society.