Postgraduate Students

A great response from the postgraduate community

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The Graduate School in History, Classics, and Archaeology welcomes the latest results of the latest UK-wide Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES).

The survey gives taught postgraduate students a chance to give feedback about their course and their learning experiences. A notable 90% of taught postgraduates in the School were satisfied with their experiences at Edinburgh.

Student thoughts

Students described their programmes, courses and staff as flexible, inspirational and engaging. Here is a sample of what the taught postgraduate community in the School fed back.

The opportunity to explore different facets of my programme – few restrictions on classes allowed me to zero in on my interests for future research.

The content of my courses has been extremely interesting and scientific.

I was greatly impressed by both the library at the University of Edinburgh and also the working facilities in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology.

All of my courses have been really interesting and taught by professors who are enthusiastic and, I feel, care both about their own teaching and the quality of the student experience. This has been the best thing about my programme.

The teaching staff has been very engaging on the topics and supportive of enquiries that are specific to my interests.

I started this programme with a full professional career behind me, and with no first degree in history. I have therefore most enjoyed immersing myself in an entirely new field - and have been very pleased to find that this could be done quite successfully.

Flexibility of course choices and encouragement to explore what you want, even if that be in other schools. Support from the Programme Director has been very beneficial to settling in to a new institution. Feeling that you are engaging with academics who are experts in their field, who have or are currently undertaking research.

Being taught by lecturers who are, simply put, inspirational. Their knowledge knows no bounds and I can only hope to be as good as them someday.

You said, we listened

A University-wide ‘You said, we listened’ campaign launched this week, to keep students informed about the issues that have been addressed in response to student feedback. Look out for posters around the School.

The School will continue to work towards maintaining and improving the experience of postgraduates at Edinburgh.

To find out more about recent developments visit the Same Page webpages.