Postgraduate Students

Gender equality culture survey

Postgraduate students are being invited to take part in a gender equality culture survey.

The University of Edinburgh is one of over 80 universities and research institutes which are members of the Athena SWAN Charter run by the Equality Challenge Unit.

The Charter recognises commitment to the advancement and promotion of the careers of women in academia and is in the process of being extended to cover the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

In line with this, and demonstrating our commitment to diversity and equality in the workplace, our postgraduate students are being invited to take part in a gender equality culture survey (see link at bottom of page).

Complete the survey by 26 July

The survey is open from now until 26 July 2013.

It should only take about 10 minutes complete and responses will be confidential.

The key findings will be published in August.


Head of School Professor Alvin Jackson says:

“As part of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology's commitment to diversity, and to a workplace where all postgraduate students are treated fairly, we have decided to undertake a gender equality culture survey.

“The aim of this survey is to help the School understand and improve the student experience in this respect.

“The survey results will tell us what we are doing well in terms of gender equality and highlight any areas where we need to make improvements.

“Our School is committed to using the data to improve our policies and practices, and developing an understanding of the views of our students is an important first step to improving the teaching and learning environment for all our students”.

“This is your chance to have your say - I hope you take this opportunity to do so”.

Professor Alvin JacksonHead of School