Postgraduate Students

Students awarded prestigious grant funding

Three doctoral students from the School have been awarded a prestigious grant from the Researcher-Led Initiative Fund. (Published 21 January 2016)

History PhD students Sophie Cooper, Catherine Bateson, and Bobbie Nolan have been awarded £2,350 in order to run a day of training and discussion based around the concept of transnational history.  

The workshop will take place on 26 May 2016 and will bring doctoral researchers from across the United Kingdom and Ireland together with leading academics to discuss the issues and uses of transnational history through a series of master-classes and short-paper sessions.

The workshop will link up with an international conference organised by the Transnational Ireland research network, which will take place the following day

This initiative provides an excellent opportunity for early-career researchers to benefit from interaction with international leaders in the area.

Researcher-Led Initiative Fund